Investment Philosophy and Process

Investment Philosophy and ProcessBaird Investment Management’s investment philosophy is based on the belief that high-quality companies can increase in strength and value over time. Our investment process consists of detailed bottoms-up research to find companies that have durable and sustainable prospects, such as barriers to entry, pricing power and demonstrated products and services. Evaluation of company management teams, and their ability to execute over time, is also a key element of the process. We believe these high-quality companies can consistently earn returns on equity and capital above their cost of capital and therefore, make the most attractive long-term investments. 

BIM seeks investments in companies possessing the following characteristics:

  • Consistent, profitable earnings growth
  • Leadership position in an attractive market
  • Sustainable, competitive advantage
  • Barriers to entry into their business
  • Well-articulated mission and value-added focus
  • Financial strength

Our approach in applying this philosophy is to focus on the long term, to invest in quality growth companies and to control investment risk.

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